Pricing Options & Class Descriptions


New Pricing Option

New Student Special: $40
For the first-timer, enjoy two weeks of unlimited classes for the price of fewer than three drop in's.

Drop In: $15
For the occasional student. No commitment. No expiration.

5-Class Card: $65
Great for those practicing just once weekly. Comes out to a discounted rate of about $13/class.

10-Class Card: $120
A sweet deal for students taking 1-7 classes per week. Comes out to an average of $12/class.

30-Class Card: $300
For snowbirds and others who like to practice often, and travel often. Comes out to $10/class.

Auto-Renew Unlimited: $95 per month
The best competitive deal there is for regular yoga practitioners, including anyone who practices 2 or more times each week. Practice as often as you want and enjoy all the benefits - in body, mind and beyond - of regular yoga and meditation. Enjoy your practice without worrying about budgeting, expiration dates or running out of classes. Cancel anytime with 15 day written notice. $50 cancellation fee, if terminated or suspended prior to 3 month consecutive, minimum commitment.

Non-Auto Renew Unlimited: $119 per month
Not looking for a long-term commitment, but want to access yoga regularly? Try our monthly unlimited
non-auto renewal option and enjoy a highly discounted rate.

2 classes per week: $14.87/class
3 classes per week: $9.91/class
4 classes per week: $7.43/class
5 classes per week: $5.95/class

One Year Unlimited: $1,000 / year
Our least expensive per class option. Plan ahead and commit to a whole year in yoga!

Privates Sessions, including Massage Therapy and Wellness Services:
Available upon request via phone, e-mail* or front desk

60 minute session: $65
90 minute session: $99
4 pack of 60 minute sessions: $240

NPYW Refund + Cancellation Policy:

Class Cards:
You may purchase classes on-line or in the studio. We accept all major credits cards, checks and cash for all purchases. Class cards are non-transferable and non-refundable. If your class card happens to expire, simply purchase a new class card (of equal or greater value) and we will roll any unused classes into your new package. Note that reservations are not required for classes. Simply arrive 15 minutes before the start of the class.

Annual memberships may be frozen one time for up to one month.

Workshops + Enrollments:
You may purchase workshops and enrollments on-line or in the studio. 100% Refund to original form of payment provided studio / wellness center is notified five or more days prior to class or event. Refunds requested four or fewer days from event date receive 100% Account Credit to be used on future class and workshop purchases. 

200 Hour Teacher Training:
Registrants who need to cancel, refunds are provided, minus a $50 administrative fee, if cancellations are made 30 days or more in advance of start date. No refund for initial deposit are given fewer than 30 days prior to start of training.

Private Session Packages

Give the gift of self-care or advance your own personal practice
one-on-one with an NPY instructor

Pre/Post-Natal Practice - $280
For any mom-to-be or new mama, provide the gift of self-care, as well as physical preparation and breathwork support for the natural process the body has/will endure. Learn important modifications to practice safely at home or in group classes during/following pregnancy. Sessions may be used before or after birth, or in combination. * Includes four one-hour private sessions with focus on flexibility, strengthening and breathwork, intro to aromatherapy and discounts on safe products for home and baby*

Injury or Pain Relief - $240
For yourself or another who may struggle with chronic pain or residual pain from injury. Sessions are customized to increase strength, flexibility, and mobility, including modifications for group classes and techniques for easy at-home practice. * Includes four one-hour sessions with individualized care including an introduction to physical yoga postures, vinyasa sequencing (movement with breath), modifications with props and breathwork techniques to benefit targeted and overall health and well-being.

Mindful Meditation - $240
For yourself or another who may be interested in beginning or advancing their mindfulness and meditation practice. Begin to fully realize the benefits of yoga on the mind through individualized sessions to create a mindfulness plan (or sadhana) that fits your daily schedule and individual needs. Learn various "tools" or mindfulness techniques to mitigate stress and anxiety, confront unhealthy habits, or improve sleep, focus and energy. * Includes four sessions with individualized care including an introduction to mindfulness and meditation practices, and breathwork (pranayama) for mental clarity and focus.

Wedding Unwind - $260
For any bride or groom-to-be, provide the gift of self-care during a particularly stressful and demanding (however exciting) time. Recipient can determine whether to use sessions before or after the big day - or both! * Includes four one-hour sessions with individualized care to advance one's practice, blow off some steam and/or provide a restorative environment to release and re-energize.

Kid's Time-In - $225
For the child in your life who may benefit from cultivating mindfulness and meditation practices to foster focus, patience, temperment or stress management. Preferred age 5 and up. * Includes four 45-minute sessions with individualized care to introduce physical yoga postures, breathwork, mindfulness and meditation practices, as well as promoting a different perspective instilling confidence and self-compassion.


Ready to book? Interested to try a private session but don't feel you fit into any box? Reach out to the front desk for booking information and private session pricing to cover any area or topic related to your interests in yoga.

*A 10% discount on safe home and body products for you and baby is available when products are purchased through the studio, during or following enrollment in the Pre/Post-Natal plan. No expiration.

Class Descriptions


(Beginner’s class introducing restorative and gentle postures to stretch, lengthen and detoxify the body’s systems. Requires no pre-existing knowledge of yoga. Also suggested for Veterans or those in recovery)

Yin Yoga

(Beginners and intermediate practitioners welcome for this gentle class aimed to release stored tension in the body. May consist of fewer asana (physical postures) than a typical class, intended to restore energy and repair the body by holding restorative postures for an extended length of time. Props are heavily relied upon to support the body and enable the process of letting go - both, physically and mentally.)

Chair Yoga

(Open to all students regardless of experience level, age, physical or mental limitation. Ideal for Beginners to yoga and those recovering from injury. Requires no pre-existing knowledge or practice of yoga.)

Slow Flow Level I

(Beginner’s class introducing vinyasa flow, requires no pre-existing knowledge of yoga)

Levels I + II (includes Happy Hour and Silent Flow classes)

(Beginners and intermediate practitioners gather, integrating āsana postures in a slow to moderate vinyasa flow. One hour and 75 minute classes are indicated on the schedule.

Silent Flow is a Levels I+II class, requiring experienced knowledge of asana postures.)

Hatha Level II (90 minutes)

(Assumes practitioners have developed base knowledge of āsana postures and safe alignment. Expands on foundational āsana, prāṇāyāma and philosophy principles to deepen one’s personal practice)

Qi Gong (Mother of Tai Chi)

(Beginners and intermediate practitioners welcome. Harness energy to attain peace of mind through breathing paired with gentle movement. Increase balance and stability, relax muscles and release tension in this dynamic, subtle movement flow class.)

 Community Classes

($5 Community Classes are intended to allow everyone in our community to access quality, therapeutic yoga. Style may vary to include aspects of Gentle/Restorative, Slow Flow Level I and Level I + II classes. Join us for a community gathering in yoga at a special reduced price twice weekly!)

 Connected Warriors

(Veterans and their families only are invited to attend this class in camaraderie, free of charge. Our regular Gentle class is also suggested for Veterans and families)

 Kid’s Nature Yoga

(After-school class for kid’s ages 5-8, includes a nature walk outdoors, story-time yoga and mandala coloring meditation time. Parents are encouraged to participate! Drop in or class card includes parent and child participation and healthy snack.)

 Candlelight Flow           

(All levels welcome to unwind, relax and set new intention for the week ahead. Beginner and intermediate level vinyasa flow with Aromatherapy essential oils.)

Community Meditation “Support Group”

(For Beginners. May include introduction to Sanskrit mantra (japa yoga), as well mindfulness and prāṇāyāma breathing techniques. This practice is aimed at attaining a deep state of relaxation, and the slowing or pause of one’s mental fluctuations (“thoughts”). Open to all seeking a quiet space with instructional suggestions only.)