North Port Yoga (NPY) Community Fund
Give the Gift of Yoga to Those in Need

Help others in North Port experience the benefits of yoga!

Choose to participate with a one-time donation or monthly plan to help alleviate the financial burden of membership and give those in need access to NPY's yoga classes.

How it Works

Two Options:
1) Make a one-time donation in any denomination of your choice to support local individuals and families in yoga


2) Commit to a monthly auto-renew donation of $5, $10 or $20 to support the ongoing membership of local community members seeking yoga services

The Result:
North Port Community Members who express interest in attending yoga regularly AND have demonstrated financial need are able to purchase a monthly membership at a reduced price with the help of our yoga community. *Donated funds will only be used to support local community members and will not be used for other studio expenses.

It takes a village
to build a strong and healthy community! Support and practice alongside North Port community members from all walks of life, and know that you are giving the greatest gift of health, wellness and peace of mind to those in need.

Make a One-Time Donation or Sign Up for our Monthly Auto-Donation program now!
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