Energy Work

Wellness Appointments Policy:
(includes Massage Therapy, Energy Work, Nutritional Counseling, + Private Sessions)

Please arrive at least ten minutes prior to your appointment start time in order to receive the full allotted session. You may cancel your appointment without charge up to 24 hours in advance. Same day cancellations will be charged 50% of scheduled service price. 

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Energy Work

Energy work is used to help balance the systems of energy throughout the body to alleviate stress, ailments, and disease. Essentially, when one feels unbalanced either physically, emotionally, or mentally, energy work aids to restore and realign the body's subtle vibrations.

60 minutes: $65
4 - 60 sessions $240

Book at front desk, online or call 941-423-5409.

North Port Wellness' massage therapists provide custom therapeutic body and energy work to relieve pain, injury, stress, range of motion and postural issues. Relax with an energy session that is designed entirely for you. At NPYW, we believe stress is the underlying cause of a vast array of illnesses, or “dis-ease”, and that managing stress treats the problem at its source! Consider a holistic approach to integrate all aspects of wellness to aid your unique healing process. 

Customize an approach that is entirely for you. Combine energy work and/or body work from your choice of licensed practitioners. 

Modalities may include: Reiki | Pranic Healing | Crystals | Sound | Shamanic


Meet Our Therapists...


Matt Loflin, LMT, CNMT, Lead Therapist

(MA85888) Matt completed training in Basic Pranic Healing, Advanced Pranic healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Crystal healing, and is currently in a dedicated spiritual practice as an Arhatic Yogi. During this time, Matt learned he has a talent for helping people discover and develop their spiritual gifts. After arriving in Florida, Matt attended Sarasota School of Massage Therapy and graduated at the top of the class. Matt draws from multiple modalities to best suite his clients needs.

Matt specializes in pain relief, stress reduction, sea salt therapy, and Swedish massage. He believes stress is the underlying cause of a vast array of illnesses and managing stress treats the problem at the source. 

Matt is available:
Monday: 10am - 6pm
Friday: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: 1pm - 6pm

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Svetlana Parquette, Reiki Master, LMT

(MA88118) In addition to years of learning and teaching yoga and meditation, Svetlana was always fascinated by the complexity of the human body. Lana attended the Florida Massage Academy in Fort Myers, FL, to further her understanding of the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis. Lana is the mother of two daughters, and an energetic grandson, constant inspiration for her Family Yoga program. 

North Port Wellness is delighted to have Svetlana, as a locally well-known resource for healing, serving others through her gentle spirit and holistic techniques.

Svetlana is available:
Tuesday: 9am - 6pm                                            Additional Time by Appointment Only